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Office of the County Treasurer

Alma Cartwright

301 N. Live Oak St.
Rockport, TX 78382
Phone: 361-790-0132
Fax: 361-790-0165





The County Treasurer occupies an important role in the fiscal operations of the County. The legislature shall prescribe the duties and provide for the election by the qualified voters of Aransas County Treasurer, who shall have an office at the County Courthouse and hold their office for four years.

The County Treasurer is the County's banker and as custodian of County finance, shall:

Receive all monies belonging to the County from whatever source;

Keep and account for all monies in a designated depository; and

Pay and apply or disburse all monies in such a manner as Commissioners' Court may direct, consistent with the law.

Additional duties include serving as facilitator for social security, County retirement, group health insurance, credit union, deferred compensation, savings bonds deductions for County employees and serve as Indigent Health Care Officer.