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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file for divorce, and can I get the forms from your office?
Please understand that the employees in the District Clerk's Office are not attorneys and are prohibited by law from giving legal advice of any kind, which includes answering questions about what you need to file or the accuracy of any document presented for filing. If you intend to represent yourself pro se, you are responsible for knowing what documents to file for your case to progress through the court system. The information needed to file for divorce may be found at your Public Library or on the Internet. The District Clerk's office is neutral to all parties involved in litigation and does not have the papers or forms necessary for the filing of a divorce, or any other lawsuit or pleading. In all cases, we recommend that you contact an attorney for advice.

I was served with a document that says I have to file an answer. What is an answer?
Filing an answer with the District Clerk's Office entitles you to receive notice of all court hearings concerning your case. If you do not file an answer, it is possible for the case to proceed without notice to you until after a final judgment is rendered. An attorney can advise you as to what to include in your answer.

Can I still make a payment agreement to pay my delinquent taxes now that a suit has been filed against me?
Contact the Aransas County Tax Assessor-Collector at 361-790-0160 regarding the amount of taxes owed, or for information on payment of the taxes. Since a tax suit has been filed, court costs will also be due in addition to the taxes. Please contact an attorney for legal advice in the pending lawsuit.

I do not have an attorney. How do I get my case set for a hearing?
To set your case for a hearing, please call the court administrator of the appropriate court as follows:
36th, 156th or 343rd District Courts - 361-364-9310
County Court at Law, Family Law - 361-790-0138

Where do I get copies of my divorce decree?
If your case was filed in Aransas County, you can purchase a copy from our office for $1.00 per page and an extra $1.00 to certify the document. If you would like us to mail your documents to you, please make your request in writing and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If your divorce was filed in another county, please contact that county.