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Neighborhood Surveys

Pictures from 2009 Training for Neighborhood Surveys

Neighborhood Survey 1


As part of the Visionaries in Preservation (VIP) program, members of the task force recruited community volunteers to assist in recording Structures in two historic neighborhoods -

Old Rockport, delineated by SH 35 N (Broadway), SH 35 N Bus. (Liberty), Pearl Street and Linden Street


Neighborhood Survey 2

The Heritage District founded by SH 35 N Bus. (Liberty), the bay, and Market Street. Information from these surveys is housed at the Aransas County Historical Society History Lab which is located in the Old Rockport School on N. Live Oak.

Volunteers are always needed to assist in such surveys. If you are interested, please e-mail the Chairman from Contact Us so you can be notified of future surveys since eventually they would like to survey the entire county.