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Student Outreach Program

Calendars for Students

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Carolyn and Students
Dr. Hendrix and Students

4th Grade Fulton Learning Center Students enjoyed presentation about the importance of photographing events and providing details of event for future use on February 22, 2012. Eleven classes viewed several of the photos in the 2012 Aransas County Historical Calendar and discussed what they saw from the picture. Then they were shown those same locations as seen today to compare how they changed. The presentation was by Carolyn Cauley, Chair of the Aransas County Historical Commission and Dr. Marsha Hendrix, Site Manager of the Fulton Mansion and also a member of the ACHC.

It was rewarding to see that these students are aware of their community and could recognize the common items between photos of different time periods. The students all received a 2012 calendar so they could learn even more from the other photos in it. There was also a photo of the Bruhl-Paul-Johnson house shown as it looked in 1978 before it was renovated and moved and then a current picture. Students will be checking for news when it will be moved to its new location at 801 E. Cedar in the next few months and becomes the History Center for Aransas County, supported in part by Aransas Pathways, a venue tax project.